Greg Pitcher
Tax Commissioner

 Ph: 918-542-2441
Fax: 918-542-2922

P.O. Box 189
29 S Hwy 69A
Miami OK 74355

8:30am - 4:30pm

Although the Tax Commission operates within the confines of the Tribal office, and is otherwise integrated in a practical sense with the other Tribal departments, the Tax Commission is legally a separate subdivision of the Tribal government. Greg Pitcher is the Tax Commissioner. The Shawnee Tribe Tax Commission is governed by an extensive code (Title 5 of the Shawnee Legislative Acts) that dictates when and where taxes may be charged and collected. At present, the Tax Commission contains one department, the Motor Vehicle Tag Department, also governed by Tribal legislation (Title 7), which is directed by Kim Jumper. Kim also serves as the Tag Agent for the Department.


Motor Vehicle Tag Department