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The Shawnee Tribe organizes its programs and projects into departments, with similar types of activities grouped together. Department directors report to the Tribal Administrator (who reports directly and regularly to the Chief and the Business Council).

Department directors are responsible for general oversight of their departments. Oversight includes summary reporting of department activities at monthly Business Council meetings, review and approval of check requisitions, and department book keeping and procurement activities. Oversight also includes ensuring that department activities comply with all the pertinent tribal, agency, and federal regulations that govern department funding – this includes reporting, financial, and deliverable (grant performance or activity) requirements for all the programs and projects in the department.

Program and project managers report to department directors and are responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the activities associated with that program or project. The Shawnee Tribe's small staff are assigned to departments and programs (and to projects within programs) on the basis of experience and expertise. Thus, staff can have multiple, overlapping department director and program/project manager positions – which works very well. Because of the overlap, staff are cross-trained and can all do the different things that the various programs require. The result is a well-integrated infrastructure that works to the ultimate benefit of the Tribe and its members.