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The Shawnee Journal is the quarterly publication of the Shawnee Tribe. The Shawnee Journal is distributed free-of-charge to each Tribal member household. The Shawnee Journal is also mailed to other persons who purchase a subscription, to other area tribes, and to the various agencies from whom the Shawnee Tribe receives grant and contract funding or with whom we interact. The Shawnee Journal is intended to communicate news from the Tribal office about programs and activities.

Articles are written by the Shawnee Tribe administrative staff, who are also responsible for lay-out and printing. Articles written by others are welcome and may be submitted for inclusion at any time during the year; such articles will be reviewed and held until the next issue is published. Photos and other materials submitted become the property of the Tribe, which is not responsible for their loss or the failure of any carrier to deliver them. The Business Council has final editorial control over the copy published in the Shawnee Journal. The idealized mailing schedule is August (summer), November (fall), February (winter), and May (spring). Never hesitate, in between Shawnee Journal issues, to call or e-mail the Tribal office to ask questions about something or offer your input. Please call the Tribal office and ask for Jodi Hayes if you have any questions about the newsletter.

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