Kim Jumper
Director of Motor Vehicle License Department

 Ph: 918-542-2441
Fax: 918-542-9915

P.O. Box 189
29 S Hwy 69A
Miami OK 74355

8:30am - 4:30pm

This Department sells Tribal tags for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and motor homes. Kim Jumper is the Tribe's Tag Agent. Since February 2004, when the Tribe first began selling tags, Tribal members have purchased over 1600 tags. Office hours for the Tag Department are 9:00 am – 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The Department offers standard, personalized, and veterans tags. The Tag Department has recently instituted a new, more sophisticated database that allows for easier reporting and data entry.

The following items must be presented to obtain a new license:
Valid Oklahoma driver's license
Original Title (properly signed over)
Current Insurance Verification on the vehicle
Tribal membership card (not CDIB)
Lien information (Including Lien entry form, if applicable)
Bill of Sale
Odometer Reading

The following items must be presented to obtain a renewal-registration:
Valid Oklahoma driver's license
Current Insurance Verification

Other associated fees:
Replacement Title Fees $15
Personalized Tags $45
Late Fees – a $5 late fee will be imposed after a 30 day grace period has expired.

Request for tribal tags may be processed by mail if you currently have a vehicle tagged through the Shawnee Tribe. Otherwise you must come to the office if it is your first time registering a vehicle with us.

If your address changes, please contact the tag office to report the change. This will assist in avoiding late penalties. A change of address form can be found and printed directly from our website.

Upon the sale of the vehicle the tribal member is responsible for removal of the tribal tag and returning it to the Shawnee Tribe's Tag Agent.