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The Shawnee Tribe's economic development corporation, Shawnee Development LLC, is a separate subdivision of the Tribal government established in early 2001 as an outgrowth of the policy of the Shawnee Tribe to engage in economic development to raise revenue to provide for the health, safety, education and welfare of its citizens while protecting the assets and property of the Tribe. The general purpose of the development corporation is to research, evaluate, carry on, and engage in business and maintain particular business ventures and/or economic development projects for the economic benefit of the Shawnee Tribe and its citizens.

The Tribe benefits from chartering Shawnee Development LLC, which is wholly owned by the Tribe, because it can conduct business separate and distinct from general governmental functions and other business interests. It is also in the best economic interest of the Shawnee Tribe that Shawnee Development LLC has been structured so as to qualify as a "Participant" under Section 8(a) of the Federal Small Business Act (SBA), 15 U.S.C. §637(a).

Shawnee Development LLC has a governing board of directors that possesses the power and authority to participate in the SBA 8(a) Program and to operate particular business ventures, as authorized by the Shawnee Tribe Business Council. However, neither the Board of Directors nor any person employed by the Corporation can waive the sovereign immunity of the Shawnee Tribe or sell, convey, assign or encumber any real or personal property or other assets of the Shawnee Tribe, without the approval of the Business Council.

Greg Pitcher is the Chairman of Shawnee Development LLC. Please review the annual report from the LLC, following. Questions regarding economic development may be directed to Greg Pitcher