Cassie Harper
Tribal Administrator

 Ph: 918-542-2441
Fax: 918-542-2922

P.O. Box 189
29 S Hwy 69A
Miami OK 74355

8:30am - 4:30pm

Administration covers everything from lands and buildings, to property control, to personnel, to grant writing, to governance (i.e., support services for the Business Council), to information services, to audits and fiscal management. Management of lands and buildings includes the development and implementation of both a maintenance and repair manual and schedule and a cost allocation schedule for the new social services building. Management of lands and buildings also includes oversight over landscaping and grounds keeping.

Property control consists chiefly of supplies and assets management. Over the past year, our comprehensive inventories of equipment, fixtures, and other assets were routinely updated; these are reviewed as part of the yearly single audit and the BIA programs audit. Procurement in accordance with federal and Tribal policies also falls under property control. Primary personnel activities included identifying and providing pertinent technical training and professional development for staff. Several trainings were held on-site, while staff traveled to other regional and national training workshops.

For general Tribal administrative questions, applications or information about social service programs, or details regarding other Tribal projects, please contact the Miami, Oklahoma, administrative office at 918-542-2441; the fax number is 918-542-2922. Cassie Harper is the Tribal Administrator. The staff will refer questions more appropriate for elected officials to the proper persons. Individual Business Council members may also be contacted through the Shawnee Tribe office.